Why choose ringley

If your Managing Agent does not:

  • let all owners & tenants know when they will be visiting site,
  • update you on serious arrears action at each stage by email,
  • put site reports, minutes and an audit trail of actions taken online,
  • show you invoices, bank balances, arrears lists and court action online,
  • have Solicitors in-house to make light work of breaches and arrears,
  • deliver you a clean balance sheet and get the accounts done on time,
  • provide a reserves plan as part of the fee...
  • ...then perhaps you should review the service you are getting

Rent a flat or house

If you do not know whether

  • your service charge accounts are compliant
  • your balance sheet is clean
  • your electricity is best price
  • you have an audit trail of implementation from your fire risk
  • ...then perhaps changing Agent is a priority you need to address

Service charge collection

If you are not protected by:

  • a money back guarantee,
  • the RICS ‘Clients Money Protection Scheme’
  • £5M professional indemnity insurance,
  • calls logged, messages & emails tracked to ensure you proactive service
  • ...then perhaps you could be safer

Set up with ringley

Total transparency ... almost everything on line

Nothing matters more to us than dispelling the cloud of superiority and secrecy that taints many Agents. That’s why we decided that best results are achieved when there is a partnership between the managing agent and the owners, so sharing as much as possible on line is just what we do.

100% transparency ... almost everything on line

See Budgets View Insurance Do ... Make payments
Check bank balances Review invoices Monitor arrears Read minutes
Report repairs Contact neighbours Start a vote Set up direct debits
Check gardening scope Look at cleaning specifications View Daybooks & HR Network with others
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Transparency and a 5-star customer service are among our core values

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