What our customers are saying

"Dear Leah, Thank you for your reassuring voice on the other end of the phone last night about the car stuck in the parking lift. It was great to have 'met' you and I appreciated that you were available to Boka and able to talk us through the system which was still new to me. Thank you again for your efforts to help look after our homes - I can appreciate it is not an easy task to manage such a building, especially a new build nearing handover. " Ms L- 0547S - River Heights 556

"Dear Jean, I want to thank you for all the empathy, support and understanding. I took great comfort from the fact that you made yourself available. What an amazing employee you are." Mr R- 0297S - Hertford Lock, Bow 555

"Hi Jean, Thank you for your response. I am over the moon that the pathway has now been fixed!! Thank you so much." Ms H- 0568S - Evron Wharf 554

"I'm happy with valuations provided. I forwarded to my colleagues who were initially unconvinced as they contracted with another valuation firm. However, you have demonstrated that you are on the button as a local agent. " Ms Constance- Lamble & Kiln Place 553

"I just wanted to briefly mention the fantastic customer service I have received from Brian (Property Manager) at Pilgrim House and The Meads. I have been in the industry and deal with a lot building managers. I must say Brian has always dealt with issues in a swift and professional manner including returning phone calls and responding to email. He is an asset to your organisation and I am delighted to work with him." Mr P- 0305S - The Meads 552

"This is amazing follow up Ringley. Thank you for your attention given to the residents under your management. (Advice information given to clients following the fire at Grenfell Tower)." Ms L- 0496S - 42-46 Randolph Avenue 551

"Thank you for your prompt and informative response. We are in the hands of a Property Manager who is prepared to act in line with the excessive service charges and get things done. " Mr B - 0502S - East India Way 549

"I am the landlord of a property at The Maltings in Romford, Essex and would like to say thank you to Mitun for all his help since he became the property manager for this property. He always responds to queries and sorts things out." Mr R- 0024S - Maltings (The) 548

"We hope that we can keep Miroslav, who has been great! (We re-organised the property portfolios of Property Managers and a client was delighted with how Miroslav is managing the site)." Mr C - 0372S - Caversham Road (59) 547

"Dear David, It was very nice to meet you at our AGM at Ringley's office last week. I think that you and Leah made a very good and professional impression on all participating shareholders from 29 Gloucester Crescent and we feel confident that with your contribution and dedicated support we will now be able to administrate and maintain our property to the benefit of all people living in the house in a much better way." Mr B- 0637S - 29 Gloucester Crescent 546

"In relation to the survey, I found his work very accurate when comparing with the quotes we received of builders." Mr R- 0627S - Highgate West Hill No. 24 545

"I'm one the residents and directors. I wanted to drop a quick line to say how impressed I was with the actions of our new property manager, Brian McKarkiel-Powell. He dealt with a power outage we experienced this week swiftly and professionally. Exactly the sort of service myself and the other directors expect. A great start, long may it continue! " Mr B - 0170S - Stanhope Court 544

"Thank you for arranging the introduction of parking permits. The parking issues have improved in the last three weeks since the new scheme was implemented. A big thank you to everyone involved." Ms C- 0435S - Drayton Garden Village 543

"Just to let you know that we managed to pick up the key from the delivery sorting office. Thank you so much for sorting this out as the only access for me would be via the back door through the communal gardens. Also, please can you let your Manager know that we are very grateful to you for processing and turning this around so fast." Mr S - 0502S - East India Way 542

"You are truly brilliant." Ms M- 0474S - Royal York Mansions 541

"Dear Viragi, Many thanks for your email, and for applying the due credit so swiftly and so efficiently, and sending the statement. Both you and Briam, whom I have also thanked, have been very helpful. Much appreciated by my wife and myself. " Mr T - 221 Randolph Avenue 539

"I just wanted to personally thank you for all your work this year." Mr R - 0033S - Chaucer Place 538

"Thank you for your prompt and informative reply. You were prepared to tackle some of the many issues on East India Way. " Mr D - 0502S - East India Way 537

"Many thanks and just wanted to say that your help was really appreciated! (Helping with the budget). " Ms F - 8038S - HARWOOD ROAD 536

"I am very happy with how the development is kept, the level of cleanliness is excellent and the gardens are beautiful. It is a pleasure to live there." Ms C - 0548S - Burnt Oak Broadway 535

"Thank you for your assistance in this matter (receipt of the management pack) and in particular thanks to Alex, Reuben and Jessica." Solicitors- 0425S - Charter Place 1-14 Sanders Place 534

"Rami is proactive and knows his stuff." Mr F- 0289S - Grange (The) 264 London Road, St Albans 533

"Thanks for being efficient. (Arranging repairs and providing a timescale)." Ms H- 0263S - Aspen Green 532

"Thanks for being efficient. (Arranging repairs and providing a timescale)." Ms H- 0263S - Aspen Green 531

"Well done for taking care of this :) (Repair to front door, which was not locking)." Mr K - 0548S - Burnt Oak Broadway 530