Ringley’s success would be impossible without our passionately committed team. We expect 5 star service so first we must look after our people. We recruit for emotional intelligence and commit to developing our people to be the best they can be be. Overwhelmingly, our people confirm that whatever their future journey is, Ringley has made a difference in their lives.

Our KPI to become an ‘employer of choice’ was spectacularly realised when at our 2012 company day all new recruits stood up and confirmed they’d heard/believed…. and therefore. ‘chose’ Ringley.

Better still the results confirmed that 89% of our people thought whatever their future journey Ringley had made a difference to them.

Established in 1997, the name Ringley was an anagram of our founders names. Our distinctive logo came later in 2001 and is a hi-bred of the RICS lion and the home bird; which bought with it a deeper meaning that just seemed to fit.

Old new ringley logo

Homa bird – the Persian symbol of fame and fortune which dates back some 2,500 years brings with it the mythical story that whomsoever alights will have fame and fortune. The homa bird combines the body of a lion, mane of a horse, eye of an eagle and ear of a deer; these represent courage, strength, vision and listening.

The 1993 Act was pivotal. We saw a future where Leaseholders could expect service, not just transactions. We wanted to be 'reassuringly better' and transparent in all our dealings. By 2003 it seemed natural to write up '100 percent transparency, just ask' as our brand promise. Initially our mission was 'to become a one stop property shop', naturally this required a team of related property professionals. By 2010 we'd achieved this so we re-wrote our vision as 'good advice, great service, by brilliant people.... Every time'. So in short our mission was simply 'to generate recommendations' this has stood proud 7 ft high in reception since.

Right from the start we had always looked to recruit people who we could imagine giving up their time to visit granny. To us this meant respect, listening and learning which became our core values and in 2010 introduced a 'money back guarantee'.

By 2011 we'd received some 9 awards including a World Skills National Training Award. We ring the bell at our cheese and wine events to celebrate incremental successes; we use the 'net promoter' score as our reality check and enjoy awarding our spot prizes when our people are recognized for delivering service that exceeds exceptions.

Our journey continues. We strive to become a five star company. Currently, we think we're about four stars, our journey continues and there's still work to do as we drive our guiding principles into every part of Ringley and manage talent.

The Board continues to drive our guiding principles into every part of Ringley so we truly live our values. In January 2012 we launched a commitment to devolving significant Ringley Group decision making to Property Managers and ‘paid Champion roles’.

We offer a comprehensive range of property solutions including surveys, valuations, legal services, property/facilities management and sales and lettings. We’re based in Camden Town, London NW1. Our managed portfolio covers 300 blocks in England, this represents just under 10,000 properties and we spend over £11 million each year on maintenance and refurbishment, preferring to restore than replace. We’ve been repeatedly recognised for our CSR and green approach to business.