What our customers are saying

"It's good to be working with you." Mr C - 0472s - Milborne Mews 471

"I was duly impressed by Ringley's communication, knowledge & demeanour. Additionally, Briam has been actively working to sort out bins here for us & he is very professional. Good stuff. (In addition, Briam got the developer to refund £788 for the purchase of the bins and also got Sutton Council to provide a 1 x 1100 litre Euro recycling bin for free)." Ms S - 0512s - HONOURS MEAD CARSHALTON 470

"Thanks for that update and info. Appreciate it. (Instructing a contractor to attend in relation to a drainage issue)." Mr M - 0460s - Trinity Close 469

"Many Thanks for your quick thoughts and help in this matter. It really is appreciated." Mr B- 0398S - Andersens Wharf E14 468

"I have just read ur email and would like to say well done and thank you. I'm very impressed with your role. You are dealing with all the correct issues that we owners wanted sorted out. Please keep up the excellent work you are doing for us. " Ms A- 0189S - William Perkin Court 466

"Great news, the fobs are purchased and on their way and the tenant will be picking up the other keys tomorrow. Thank you for such speedy help today, I am so relieved to have it sorted." Ms R- 0250S - Freeman Ct (Woodgrange Dr) 465

"I appreciated your attention and help with this. Again, thank you for your assistance with this." Mr S- 0340S - Barker Drive 464

"I am very pleased to receive this email. I hope my neighbour will read it carefully and stop playing loud electronic music. Thanks for your efforts in making the site a better place to live in." Ms N- 0047S - Vanbern House, 83/85 Prince of Wales Rd 463

"Thank you so much you have been so helpful. (This is in relation to arranging a fob)." Ms E- 0174S - Fontaine Court 462

"Hi James, yes it was a lot of man and project management but we got there in the end. I must also thank you for being so responsive and the concierge team at Ringley for their support which has been excellent." Mr C - 0230S - Millharbour, E14 461

"That’s very good news about coming in under budget for the redecoration – thank you. There were some positive comments about the quality of the redecoration at the meeting and I know this was also due to your efforts, a point that we recognised in the directors’ report. (The previous redecoration cycles were poorly managed and poorly carried out by the previous managing agents and the directors of this site have recognised the improvement this time round)." Mrs C- 0459s - St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management 460

"I am writing to thank you most warmly for looking after us so well yesterday and acting so promptly. The contractor went to obtain a spare part and then waited for us to return from our engagement. He went on to make sure the new TV set was properly installed and working well. The Caretaker was also a great help. To have Ringley managing the estate is re-assuring." Mr H - 0459s - St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management 459

"The gardeners were here yesterday and have done a good job tidying up the areas I mentioned, so just to say thank you for bringing it to their attention. Hopefully, they’ll keep an eye on things in future." Mrs S- 0459s - St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management 458

"I just wanted to say a big thanks to you Mark (and customer care!) for helping out with the requests to keep bins off the footway here. The neighbours are now keeping them in their garden. I especially appreciate it as I know it may have seemed a rather trivial matter. Thanks again for your patience." Mr W- 0456s - The Northiam Estate E9 457

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Girish for being very professional and helpful during our phone call today, it was nice to speak to a professional employee who understood my frustrations and was willing to help." Ms H- 0518s - Vicarage Road Watford Management Company Limited 456

"I want to register that dealing with Ringley at our end has been good. Don't know how others feel, but given experience with others, they've been good for us." Mr K- 0299S - Mayfield Grange 455

"Thank you very much, I really appreciate your prompt response in handling our property issues. " Mr A- 0446S - Veritas, Cromwell Road 454

"Many thanks for your help with this statement, I really appreciate your time and commitment here." Mr N- 0230S - Millharbour, E14 453

"I just wanted to thank you for the hard work you put into the AGM yesterday. I think you handled what were at times a rowdy and difficult crowd, excellently. I got the impression that your input and experience are highly valued by everyone in the building, and whilst I can imagine it isn’t easy at times - it is appreciated." Mr L- 0230S - Millharbour, E14 452

"Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of the estate this year." Ms A- 0211S - Butterfly Court 451

"Just to let you know I've spoken to my tenant and he's made access arrangements with the contractor so that the job can be done. Thank you so much for sorting this out for me and not charging. I really appreciate your help - an excellent example of customer service!!" Ms M- 0153S - Friars Close - (Griggs Place) 450

"Many thanks Shannan for your help today with the direct debit issue I had, I appreciate all that you have done so efficiently." Mrs K- 0404S - The Limes 449

"We have solved the problem, thank goodness, as it has been a very stressful week. Many thanks to all involved and for your co operation. It would have been very difficult to trace the problem without your help. (In relation to a leak). " Mrs J- 0527s - Carter House SW11 2BF 447

"Lee handled out recent freehold purchase and we were very impressed with the service he offered. He explained everything clearly, his fees were clear, and he was always responsive. We would be happy to recommend him and would use him again in the future." Ms C- Freehold Purchase 446

"We can rely on the service of Ringley Legal. Alex provides a good, reliable, responsive and personal service to us. " Mr G- 0500s - RIVERSIDE PLAZA 445