What our customers are saying

"Hi Darren, Just wanted to let you know that Lisa is a wonderful and efficient breath of fresh air. " Mr B - 0407S - Buckland Crescent 495

"Hi Girish, Thank you for your email and for your clear and helpful explanation. I had already spoken to Kwame who was most helpful. (Direct Debit query)." Mr B - 0502S - East India Way 494

"My Husband said you are extremely helpful and a very knowledgeable lady. Some people haven't got a clue about running a block or anything like that and they just don't understand the paperwork and things involved and your company do an amazing job. Since we took you on, we've never had a problem with the site and never looked back and you've been a fantastic company. I'm not surprised that you've won all these awards because you've been brilliant. " Ms C - 0044S - Alexander House (Buchanan Close) 493

"Lisa, Thank you for stepping in and assisting so efficiently on your return from maternity leave. Your approach and direct grasp has been refreshing and appreciated." Mr L - 0475s - Avante Court 492

"Thanks Lisa. It was nice to meet you earlier. Thank you for being so proactive in your new role. Have a good weekend." Ms I- 0326S - St Matthews Row 491

"Thank very much for your support, all is done. (Helping to get legal-related information as the Legal Officer was on annual leave)." Mr N - 0207S - Sutherland Ave 166 490

"Hi Mark, I just want to thank you for all the efforts and being pro-active for helping me to resolve and prevent further leakage problems at the apartments in Goddard Place. " Mr P- 0462s - Goddard Place 489

"Debra, I wish to say a very big 'thank you' to you. " Mr C - 0516s - Eldon Court, NW6 488

"If I need to recommend a letting management company then I will certainly put your names forward." Ms W- 0569s - One Eighty - Stratford (Athena, Aphrodite and Apollo) 487

"Priya, thanks for getting back to me promptly. My experience with Ringley and Outlook Property has been far more professional compared to that of other letting agencies/landlords I have used in the past." Mr H - 0569s - One Eighty - Stratford (Athena, Aphrodite and Apollo) 486

"Lee [...] always advised us with the most incredible speed and quality." Mr C - 0492s - THE WOODLANDS (CLAPHAM) 485

"You have done a lot in the short time in getting to grips with our account. Thanks for all your efforts. " Mr G- 0500s - RIVERSIDE PLAZA 484

"Thanks so much for all your help. Your firm is the most professional I have dealt with!" Solicitors- 0558s - Tower View, St Katheryne's Dock 483

"'Lee Harle answered all my queries and dealt with my lease extension very professionally. I have no hesitation in recommending him. Mr B, Coolhurst Road'" Mr B- 0499s - Coolhurst Road No. 38 482

"The relationship we have with you is of the highest quality in terms of service and speed in replying (exceptional for lawyers I must say)." Mr C - 0492s - THE WOODLANDS (CLAPHAM) 481

"Since your firm has taken over, rents have risen and Geneva Court is a likable rentable property. Under your predecessors the rents were falling, and the block very nearly turned into a ghetto block. Thank God this was averted by Ringley. This fact alone speaks for itself that the previous Managing Agent wasn't doing the required job. Otherwise rents would not have fallen." Mr H - 0458s - Geneva Court 480

"'Thanks Lee [...]. Many thanks for your patient support and guidance throughout this long process.'" Mr F- In relation to completion 479

"Hi Girish, thanks for getting this resolved. " Mr G - 8035S - Churchfield Road 478

"Ringley provide good communication and interaction on problems. " Mr H - 0462s - Goddard Place 477

"Girish is reliable. He helped us to progress with the repair works to my apartment from the damage caused from Flat 8." Mr M - 0457s - Saxon Hall 476

"Congratulations! I was very pleased to receive this news. Thanks for all your work on making the redecoration happen." Ms F- 0280S - Kamen House 475

"The work requiring the suspension of the parking is complete. I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for your assistance at such short notice and to thank all the residence that were patient with us in completing the work." Mr B - 0398S - Andersens Wharf E14 474

"Good work to whoever identified these. (Information sent out following a Site Visit)." Mr R - 0379S - Wren View 473

"Thank you for your very prompt action regarding this matter." Mr W - 0386S - Anabelle Court, Slade Hill Management Limited 472

"It's good to be working with you." Mr C - 0472s - Milborne Mews 471