What our customers are saying

"Dear Leah Thank you for your help. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for everything, even the on-site caretaker has been a great help. " Estate Agency- 0544S - Stourcliffe Close 521

"This week Alex has been impeccably courteous, helpful and efficient in dealing with the matter of the Licence to Alter and in his communications with us, and this is much appreciated. It is only fair to place this on the record." Mr T- 0467S - 221 Randolph Avenue 520

"Alex, due to your kindness and helpfulness from Jess on the telephone this morning, and Clovelly Management, I might make the deadline from the Land Registry." Ms J- 0435S - Drayton Garden Village 519

"Simon Edward was so helpful in explaining various issues related to Ringley Management of Nova and Service Charge. Everything is available on Ringley Gateway...excellent web site. " Mr P- 0562S - Nova, Slough 518

"Jonathan, thank you very much for arranging for Alex to come around. He is a gentleman and helped shed light on the matter. " Mr B - 0543S - Greenwich Square 517

"Hi Jean, A quick email to say thank you to you and the communications team for the quality of communications to our estate, as demonstrated by the email. It's perfect. (In relation to a site visit notification email)." Mr E- 0512S - HONOURS MEAD CARSHALTON 516

"This is just to thank you for running the meeting last night extremely well. You managed our moans and groans and matters we needed to tell you about very good. You were good listeners. I have always found you helpful" Ms B- 0303S - Swale Park 515

"Hi Violeta, I just want to thank you for all you are doing, it's great to see things being done at the development and to receive regular updates from yourself regarding the work that needs doing. Thank you." Mr B- 0484S - Hawkins Wharf Block A, B, D 514

"You're a star! (Helping with a service charge query)." Managing Agent- 0258S - New Mercia (Walsworth Road) 513

"The Receptionist (Natalia) yesterday was wonderful. Just to let you know, she's really brilliant. You're lucky to have people like that I think." Managing Agent- N/A 511

"I very much appreciated the new Common Parts rules early in the year, from Simon, which was firm but friendly. Well done Ringley." Ms T - 0526S - Belsize Park Gardens No. 29 510

"Dear Mary Anne, I thought I ought to write and say what a breath of fresh air Simon Edwards is. Not only does he respond to emails in a timely manner, he also replies to messages left on his phone and does exactly what he says he will do. If he cannot do something or does not understand (service charge complications) he merely says so or asks for a full, from the beginning, explanation. Hope all goes well." Mr B - 0500S - Riverside Plaza 509

"Kate, what Ringley would do without you is beyond me!" Ms B- 0484S - Hawkins Wharf Block A, B, D 508

"Natalia was forthcoming and very helpful. " Mrs P - 0516S - Eldon Court, NW6 507

"I have always found you to be responsive and helpful (and the estate management to be of overall excellent quality)." Ms A - 0033S - Chaucer Place 506

"It was a pleasure to meet you in person yesterday at the Kenwood Court meeting. You seem to be very considerate, understanding and down to earth. Whenever you visit the premises do drop by for a cup of tea please. Wishing you the very best." Ms S - 0581S - 50 flats @ Kenwood Court 505

"Following a £2.8M court case over overheating to the communal areas, Ringley's Building Engineering Team came up with a solution. Here is what an owner said: I am very happy with building cooling and more pleasant smell. It works - thank you Alex!" Ms Taylor- 0230S - Millharbour, E14 504

"Alex in your legal department stands out ..... with full, immediate and detailed responses and actions always completed as promised." Sydmons Court Residents Association- 0470S - Sydmons Court 503

"Thanks for getting rid of the items I left in the bin area. I was away this weekend and when I returned yesterday they were gone, which I assume was down to you, which I greatly appreciate." Mr J - 0351S - Barrhill Court 502

"Hi Mark, We exchange contracts today & complete on the 19th of June. I wish to thank you for all your help & support throughout our time at the property & whilst in Australia. You are without doubt the most efficient & responsive site manager we have ever had the pleasure to deal with." Mr C - 0299S - Mayfield Grange 501

"Thank you for all your help. (Direct Debit query). " Mrs R- 0408S - Matcham Place 500

"This explanation you've given me is very clear." Mr S - 0582S - Fortess Road No12 499

"Thanks for your fantastic service!" Mr M - 0124S - Wandle River Bank 498

"I would like to thank you for all your help with this procedure both the freehold and leasehold. You have been very patient with us and have responded quickly and promptly all the time. If I hear of anyone who is undertaking this procedure I will not hesitate to highly recommend you and your firm. If there are any problems please let me know. It has been a pleasure doing business with you." Mr J- Freehold Purchase 497

"Thank you Girish for acting with urgency. (This was in relation to a leak)." Mr M- 0457S - Saxon Hall 496