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"I appreciate your help in what has been a difficult, stressful, timeconsuming and challenging process but we were sure from the beginning that we could give your all the evidence you needed to prove to you that this account has never been in arrears or had any amount outstanding. We are glad now to have reached a satisfactory conclusion and your help in the process has been invaluable. Many thanks to you for your efforts. (The company was claiming money which wasn't allocated in their own account.)" Ms D- Debt choose by legal team 15

"You are an angel. Thank you for giving me that peace of mind. Have a lovely weekend." Mr A - Property Management 14

"I would also like to tell you about my experience of talking to your receptionist, Karen. She was friendly and efficient. I really appreciated her helpfulness. " Ms C- Property Management 13

"You know everything there is to know about lease extensions." Mr T- Property Lease Extension Full Service 12

"Kelly, thank you very much for your prompt response. Your email was very helpful as it summarised all the payments since the apartment was bought. " Ms L- Property Management 11

"Thank you for your prompt reply. Very efficient and most appreciated." Mr M- Penrose House, Survey Team Defects & Repairs Management 9

"Thank you for kindly clearing this up." Mr V- Property Management 8

"Thanks for thinking outside the box... I just hope this kind of service continues. " Mr A - Property Management 7

"Kelly, thank you very much for helping to sort out my Service Charges." Dr Q- Property Management 5

"I really appreciate your prompt communication and your kind attention over the tele-conversation." Ms M- Sloane Avenue Mansions - Property Management 3

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