What our customers are saying

"Thanks very much for your help. You actually know what you're talking about, which is good. Thanks very much. " Mr S- 0285S 626

"It's great to have proactive management." Mr C- 0556S 625

"You have been the most helpful person." Ms W- 0247S 624

"Hi Neil, it was nice talking to you this morning. Your help is really appreciated. (Issues relating to a parking permit and parking tickets). " Mr B- 0174S 623

"I can't thank you enough for sorting this problem out for me, not only this issue, but also the 10 year Guarantee on the Japanese Knotweed. Your team were also very sympathetic. Many thanks again. I hope you received my back up letter ok. " Mrs McDonald- 0502S 621

"Josephine was very kind and helpful. I'm not local and didn't know what to do. I would really like to thank her. " Cici- 0211S 620

"Thank you for the great service that you provided." Ms L- 0496S 618

"Leo has been efficient, quick and on-point in helping with paperwork needed in a professional and timely manner." Mr W- 0606S 617

"Thank you Ringley and Chloe for letting me know. You have been great. (Cheque arranged for a Management Pack). " Ms B- 0153S 615

"Nice meeting you. You're a lovely person and I know you're trying your best for the building." Mr H- 0603S 613

"Thank you so much for getting the key cut so promptly. That's excellent customer service!" Mr G- 0307S 612

"Thank you for being helpful Lisa." Ms G - 0297S 611

"Thank you so much for getting the key cut so promptly and posting it free of charge. That's excellent customer service!" Mr G- 0307S 610

"Dear Chloe, Thank you very much for your efficiency and caring attitude ... all very appreciated. " Ms G- 0459S 609

"Maam...that is one heck of a reply!! Thank you Dilber. " Mr R- 0303S 608

"Thank you Ringley and Chloe for letting me know. You have been great. (Pre-sale enquiry). " Ms B - 0153S 606

"That is a very kind gesture and we really appreciate it." Ms S- 0603S 605

"You're an absolute star. Thank you very much. " Ms M- 0435S 604

"Everything has gone smoothly; no problems with the bins and no problems with the cleaning and the service has been provided seamlessly." Mr C - 0454S 603

"Your communication skills are excellent, you always address issues in a timely manner and are professional. " Mr L- 0496S 602

"You've been helpful. " Ms S- 0534S - Dukes Hall / Park View 600

"Thanks Girish. Thank you very much for your help. Thank you." Mr C- 0580S - Waterford Place 599

"I think you’ve been very good and very diligent in what you’ve said. I hear what you’re saying and you’ve explained it very well, so I appreciate your help. Thank you, thank you very much for your help." Mr B - 0459S - St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management 598

"Dilber, Once again you have proved to be an amazing help! What can I say except thank you so much. I hope you are enjoying your new role at Ringley. They are so lucky to have someone of your calibre working for them and I hope they know it. I hope you enjoy the rest of what is shaping up to be a lovely Summer." Mrs M- 0502S - East India Way 597

"Dear Lisa, I am writing to confirm that the funds were transferred to my account two days ago. The effort you made to resolve this issue is highly appreciated, as is your professionalism, kindness and care." Ms C- 0458S - Geneva Court 596