What our customers are saying

"Thank you for the correspondence and Minutes of the recent AGM. Firstly, we would like to express our thanks to Mrs C and the Board and also to the Caretaker for the sterling work they carry out on behalf of the owners. It is very much appreciated. Secondly, we are also indebted to you, Mark, and your team for the very professional way you manage our affairs." Mr & Ms S- St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management 419

"Dear Girish, I really appreciate your effort to sort out this issue, Looking forward for your good cooperation. (This was in relation to setting-up a new owner of a property onto our system) " Mr M- Cunningham Court 418

"Hi Mark, Just a bit of positive feedback - great to see truly professional garden contractors on site today who clearly understand what they're doing for the benefit of the site/residents. I also really liked their letter of explanation re reasons behind the maintenance/improvements planned, which you forwarded last week. " Mr W- Eccleston Road 417

"Thanks Mitun for working on our side and doing a great job." Mr L- Butterfly Court 416

"Thanks very much to everyone for their efforts on this. (Following bad weather some ridge tiles had fallen off Mundania Court, leaving other tiles at risk of falling. With high 70 mile per hour winds forecast Ringley made light work of arranging a security guard overnight to make sure people did not walk alongside the flank wall of the building and get hit by falling tiles. By 8am the next morning scaffolders were on site and formally cordoned off the area and built a protective covered walkway up to the front door to protect residents and visitors. To protect the management company Directors the issue was logged with both the Police and Southwark Council. Long term repairs were put in hand shortly after." Mr D- Mundania Court 415

"Hi Racheal, Just a quick note to thank you for your prompt assistance regarding the payment. " Ms R- Boulevard Mansions 414

"Dear Katie, I have been meaning to contact you to thank you for all your help with regards to the teething problems we had at LYON COURT, HITCHIN. You went over and above what was expected and people often forget to say thanks. Wishing you a very merry Christmas. " Ms W- LYON COURT, HITCHIN 413

"Thank you for informing me of the repair and the full report of work that was carried out. I was getting very concerned regarding the damp that was occurring inside my property so hopefully this repair will correct the problem for the tenants. Please pass on my thanks to your team for dealing with this problem. Well done Ringley. " Mr B- Kenway Works 412

"We appreciate all that Ringley is doing with the building, which is a definite improvement! " Mr F- Geneva Court 411

"Thanks to Lisa for her hard work during the year for Aspen green and the dedication to keep costs low." Ms G- Aspen Green 410

"Dear Joe, I do feel sometimes it's not only necessary to point out when a company is not providing the service you require but also when they're excelling. So I would also like to take this opportunity to commend you and your company on some of the wonderful service carried out by the cleaners and gardeners who have provided a super job around the site. And for endeavouring to try to resolve the issues around the site. " Mr & Mrs B- East India Way 409

"Having signed off the works today, I must compliment all parties (Ringley and the contractor) on a job very well done. Having managed many projects in my professional life, everything was handled in a professional manner and with a faultless result. Many thanks to all involved. (This is in relation to the internal and external major works project we finished). " Mr M- Vicarage Road Watford Management Company Limited 408

"Dear Mark, Just to thank you very much for chairing the meeting last night and for presenting the Directors’ Report. In the 16 years I have been a Director I cannot recall an AGM where no-one had any complaints as last night. This must be a testament to Ringley's pro-active management and your own prompt responses to residents’ queries and demands. " Mrs K- The Northiam Estate E9 407

"Dear Mary-Anne, Many thanks for your prompt response to my emergency water stop cock leakage problem on Tuesday, 24 September 2013. It was the first stop cock that has had to be replaced in Riverside Plaza for 17 years. I may say that Cresco Services arrived at approximately 1.00 p.m. assessed, stated the two options and replaced the stop cock all within the hour in a very efficient way. Your Ringley booklet was also invaluable..... Again many thanks." Ms A- RIVERSIDE PLAZA 406

"You are by far the best person to manage our account over the many years of agents we have had. Generally speaking you are very proficient and responsive to the issues we raise. Thank you for all your hard efforts, they are starting to make Streatham Common North (21) a nice place to live! " Mr Y- Streatham Common North (21) 405

"Dear Mary-Anne, As a resident of Fawe Street, I'd like to send a note of thanks to Simon (via yourself) for all the work he's doing in dealing with the email overload and enquiries presented by a non-Director resident. It's not an easy position to have to maintain and I know I speak for others in extending our appreciation. " Ms U- Fawe Street 404

"James, just a quick note to say how impressed I am already with your level of service - I logged on to your site to get a copy of our insurance certificate. When I couldn't access it I called your number and was helped very quickly and an email with it was sent straight away by a very helpful lady. I looked at your last inspection report which seems very thorough too. Well done for making such a good start. " Mr G- RIVERSIDE PLAZA 403

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks to a lady at Ringley who I spoke to on Monday 5th August 2013. Someone had left a bicycle chained to the metal ring on the back wall of my undercover parking space and I rang to seek advice from Katie about what to do to get it removed. Katie was already on the phone so I spoke to one of her colleagues, who was very helpful. She advised me that if the owner had not responded to the note that I left on the bicycle asking them not to leave it there in a couple of days, she would ask the caretaker to remove it. As it turned out, fortunately the owner had removed it by the end of the following day, in response to my note, but it was very reassuring to know that I had support from Ringley and that action would be taken if necessary." Ms M- Hawkins Road 402

"Thank you for the email contact. Recently I am much more impressed with the services of the managing agents and it seems Mark is doing a good job, and always responds if I have a query. " Ms C- St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management 401

"Hi Lisa, Just looked at your e-mail and would like to thank you for your rapid response regarding the motorbike parked opposite my bay. After 3 weeks of phone calls to the parking company without any success, then just one phone call to you and problem resolved. Thank you again, you're a star. " Mr B- Morello Quarter 400

"When you got involved you took responsibility for the issue, found out what to do, chased things up and this resulted in the car being moved. You also kept me informed with what was going on which is such an important aspect of customer service. (Resolving a dumped vehicle issue)." Mr N- Friars Close - (Griggs Place) 399

"Mary-Anne, Just a quick email to say how impressed I was with Simon's service last week. Since the appointment of Ringley and more recently, the new directors, I have intentionally taken a less active role in FBS management and in this instance I approached Simon in the capacity of a unit holder. Following a visit by a plumber who accessed the loft to inspect our unit's water tank, we learned that there was pigeon debris (nesting material, mess and eggs). I approached a pest control company for a quote to remove the debris and pigeon proof the loft space. A quick solution was critical as although my husband is staying on in the flat, my daughter and I are moving out meaning that I could not facilitate access to the flat in the short term. I initially rang Simon to advise what I was doing as I was not sure of the implications of any work that might be required (approvals, permissions, licences etc). Simon advised that this should be covered by service charge funds. Following receipt of my contractor quote, Simon secured a cheaper alternative from a pest control company who attended and undertook the work a matter of days later. This really was a case of great service - understanding the problem, securing a (more economic) solution and on a tight deadline. " Ms F- Fawe Street 398

"Racheal carried out much investigation to trace what had happened in relation to a leak. She then managed to get in touch with a contractor who she worked with to enable the requirements of the insurer to be met and thus the claim to go through successfully. This saved money." Mr F- ST JAMES PLACE 397

"I am impressed to see that the entrance and the stairs have been much cleaner, at least until the depositing of all the wood chips that were walked in during the past few weeks from the painting and restoration work going on. I am pleased to see the cleaner carpet, and the improvements in general. Thank you for those." Mr M- St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management 396

"Dear Mark, Thank you for chairing the AGM last night. The poor turnout might have been expected because of the weather however I think it also reflected the fact that residents are happy with the running of the estate and that there is little for them to complain about: changed days. " Mrs R- The Northiam Estate E9 395