Building safety - what do you think?

The Draft Building Safety Bill was published on 20 July. The government aims to “deliver the biggest changes to building safety for nearly 40 years and make residents safer in their homes.” But what do you think? Will the proposals work in practice or are there areas...

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Planning reform - how will I benefit?

A couple of weeks ago we blogged about the government’s proposed changes to the planning system. The aim is to streamline housing delivery, making it quicker and easier to bring forward new developments in the places where demand for new homes is highest. Much of the...

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Fully-connected homes are now a step closer

A quiet revolution is taking place on the nation’s airwaves. But you could be forgiven for not noticing the change. You may remember that your TV set, along with nearly 20 million others in households around the country, has been re-tuned. This is to give Britain new...

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Rent arrears3

Ground rent: am I liable for existing arrears?

Whether or not a new flat owner is liable for previously unpaid ground rent is a question that our property managers are asked from time to time. The simple answer is ‘yes’. But it’s a bit more complicated than that. Buyers are liable for any ground rent arrears ...

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Why tenant loans would help landlords too

A Tenant Hardship Loan Fund has been launched in Scotland this week, to support anyone struggling to pay their rent. The scheme is part of a bigger £10m package of support and it will open for applications later this autumn. In Wales, a similar scheme has been an...

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Leaseholders - beware fake EWS1 forms

Property managers must be extremely vigilant when dealing with EWS1 forms Another scandal of potentially epic proportions is unfolding around dangerous cladding. This time leaseholders are being targetted with fake EWS1 forms. As if the problem of proving that b...

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Surface water flooding - could you be at risk?

Is your home at risk from surface water flooding? Could surface water flooding affect your home? It only seems five minutes since we were all complaining about the heat and already we have seen extreme weather result in flash floods in parts of the country. Surfac...

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What will the homes of the future look like?

Will the homes of the future look like this? The homes of the future. Ever wondered what they might look like? We have. And over the weekend we were given a glimpse of the kinds of houses we may find ourselves living in by 2030, as the finalists of the Home of 203...

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Planning reforms will deliver more new homes - but is there trouble ahead?

The latest planning reforms aim to get Britain building As if one algorithm hasn?t caused enough problems in the last few weeks, now the government is facing criticism of another one. This time planning reforms are in the frame. Under recent changes to the plannin...

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House in rural landscape

Are you a Glomad or a Rusticarian?

Rural lifestyles are growing in popularity post-Covid Here's a bit of Friday fun for you - are you a Glomad or a Rusticarian? Real estate specialist Strutt and Parker has been looking at ways that shifting attitudes to housing and co-habitation post-Covid could ...

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